Things are starting to heat up in the city with the hottest dance, music and theatre shows from the Melbourne Festival kicking off this week. Watch as the art scene explodes with the best that our smoking hot culture capital has to offer. Make sure your weekend goes off with a bang and not a fizzle with our hand picked events. For everything else, stay On The List.


Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyager, 50th Anniversary

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and the Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Concert Tour will playing at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Once a blue moon, an event out of this world comes to Melbourne. Fans of the show, of live orchestras, or anyone looking for a rocketing night out will not want to miss this shooting star. You’ll come in peace and leave the final frontier.

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David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed

You might look past David Bowie’s clothes, but you cannot look past his music and cultural influence. And as a tribute, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is teaming up with the likes of iOTA, Tim Rogers, Steve Kilbey, Deborah Conway & Adalita for a night of music and memory. Tickets will go fast for this legend so you’ll definitely be ‘under pressure’.


Les Tambours De Feu

Forget Les Miserables because the Melbourne Festival has got Les Tambours De Feu. You might not be able to pronounce the name, but you will definitely have your heart racing as the show combines fiery drums with fiery fireworks. Man invented fire and this show knows how to play with it. The only way you’ll be burned is by missing out on this explosive, sizzling hot show.

Les Tambours de Feu, Deabru Beltzak


Le Patin Libre

Keep your cool as you head to Le Patin Libre – a frosty fusion of dance and skating. The series of workshops will skate across the ice and right into your soul by teaching you how to move through the cold. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an Olympian, you’ll glide away with a little spring in your step and a little ice under your skates.

Le Patin Libre at Alexandra Palace, part of Dance Umbrella 2014.



Lady Eats Apple

Take a bite out of this juicy, unconventional theatre show. Lady Eats Apple is about more than digging into a piece of fruit, its exploration of human life in its beautiful fragility. Picture a Granny Smith leaving an existential taste in your mouth. How do like ‘em apples?

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Touretteshero Backstage in Biscuit Land

Despite the name, Backstage in Biscuit Land might not the best place for family friendly fun. Jess Thom is one of the 10% of people with Tourette’s Syndrome who has swearing tics so her natural therapy is on stage. Thom will take you down the rabbit hole of her condition for an intimate show that doesn’t hold back. This is definitely not a show to miss. We swear.



The Home Within

Chiharu Shiota’s large scale visual art instillations will leave you hanging by a thread – literally. Its hard not to get tangled up in Shiota’s 3D thread installations designed to suspend time, space and your heart. Her piece will pull all the strings and while you might not be in stitches, you will see a silver lining in art.


ACMI Collisions

Get ready to see excitingly new technology collide with a deeply rich and traditional culture with ACMI’s Collision. Artist Lynette Wallworth has fused the Dreamtime with reality – virtual reality to be specific. Walk through the dusty red desert and walk away with an experience of the true and original Australians as they lived. They say you don’t truly understand someone without walking a mile in their shoes so walk yourself down to ACMI.

Public Art Melbourne Biennal Lab

For a more literal take on Australian culture, check out the Public Art Melbourne Biennial Lab. A series of artists have been brought together to reimagine our city. Through whatever means necessary – from installations to projections to real life human connections. Imagine the NGV had a love child with the best bits of Melbourne and you get the custody during this festival.

Public Art Melbourne Biennial Lab, On The List

Walker Evans Center for Contemporary Photography

Before we took dog filtered snapchats, Walker Evans captured the essence of the modern era through his beautifully truthful photography. While the photos are relatively modern, they embody this bygone time lost in the clutter that new technology has created. These are the images Nicholas Sparks wishes he could capture.


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