The trip from Melbourne to NY, via LA, is a fun 28 hours of fresh aeroplane air, tasty food and neighbours that don’t smell or snore. Or, it isn’t. So, while travelling to the other side of the world is exciting, it’s sometimes made easier with some great products. Here are a few fun brands, including some great small Melbourne ones, which help to make the trip a little more enjoyable and made it on my list for my trip, On The Go, to New York City! 



There is only one way to get through the 28 hours of travel, and that’s with a good pair of Plantronics Backbeat Sense headphones. My white and brown headphones were my go to this trip. I prefer not to have 100% noise cancelling headphones because I like to have a sense of what’s happening around me, but I still want to block out the majority of my (annoying) surrounding noises. Plus, especially on the plane, I loved that I could charge them up and wear them wireless for up to 18 hours! Perfect for when we’re On The Go.  In fact, even after the trip, writing this, they are still firmly planted on my head.

Plantronics Backbeat Sense headphones, on the list melbourne


Comfy clothes 

Bamboo Monkey are a Melbourne based clothing company has a bamboo range that is taking comfy and stylish clothes to the next level. The fabric is deliciously soft, and the styles look great too, so I was able to wear trackies and a cute Long Line black singlet on the plane and still look good when I landed in LAX! I also adored their dusty pink Raglan Crew fitted jumper. I love supporting local talent and these guys, especially with their boyfriend range, are a great go-to brand to travel (and hang out) in!



The team at Thank You are amazing at what they do, and over the years their product range has expanded to include snack bars, hand sanitizer, body wash and moisturiser and a heap of other products. All which come with a remarkable social conscience. At home, I use their products, (hint hint I always smell minty fresh thanks to their body wash). I love the smell, but I’m also uber impressed that it’s paraben free and super affordable.

So, there was no question I wanted to take their hand moisturiser and some of their bars on the long-haul flight with me.

The bars are such a treat with Nut & Chia, and Cranberry & Coconut Bar’s are my favourite. And truth be told, reminiscent of days on the school bus, I ate my bars in first few hours of my flight. Too yum to resist.

I also try to keep hydrated on long flights, so the fresh orange hand moisturiser was perfect.

Thank you, On The Go, On The List Melbourne

Refreshing beauty products 

The gorgeous Charley has created her own range of hand crafted small batch natural and organic beauty products called These are a Few of my Favourite Things. 

This trip I took Charley’s Organic Lip Conditioner (as I’m hands down the biggest lipgloss addict), and I also took the Simply Rosewater Facial Mist to keep hydrated on the flight. It helped keep my face fresh, I hate feeling dehydrated on the plane, plus it smelt delicious. Sorry not sorry to my neighbour who copped a few sprays.

These are a few of my favourite things, on the go, on the list melbourne



When you’re travelling it’s not possible to take your full bottle of perfume with you on the plane which is frustrating because when you land, you still want to attempt to smell good (or at least mask any unfortunate smells).

I was excited this trip to try something I’ve never tried before, organic perfume. Entrepreneur Christy from Christy’s Organics, asked me to describe my favourite smelling perfume and the types of aroma’s I enjoy and she sent me a few options to match. Trance was chosen for me because I love Jasmine and Satisfaction for the smokey scent. These pint-sized 100% natural roll on sticks were perfectly sized to zip into my carry-on bag and whip out before I landed in each city. They were equally as good to keep in my day pack when I knew I would be out exploring NY all day. Plus, they made my vegan friends happy too! #scentsthattranscend

christy organics, on the go, on the list melbourne


Plus, a bonus hot tip

Don’t underestimate what flashing a nice smile in NY can do for you! I knew this, so I equipped myself with the tools to get a whiter smile before leaving. The Victorian team from Pearly Whites are smart cookies and have combined coconut oil which has magic whitening power with activated charcoal and a few other secret ingredients to create whitening strips that you can use at home (or in my case, on the plane!!). They’re easy to use, the flavour is yum and after a bit more than half an hour my smile was whiter, ready to flash in an attempt to get myself into the latest bar in NYC! (FYI it worked!).

 Detail Box On Pink


A few of these products were generously gifted by women who are part of a supporting, talented and fun group of entrepreneurial women on Facebook called Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine. Love this group! Thanks ladies, keep on shining.