Cuba is by far one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever visited. With loads of options to explore by foot, the unique culture and the photographic people, places and food, it ticks all my travel boxes in one little place. And with only 5 days to soak it all up, I needed a few little things to make the experience the best it could be, here are my top 5.


Synxsole Orthotics 

For three of the five days, I wandered everywhere in Havana, walking the cobbled streets as far as I could each day. There was so much to explore and although it was tempting to take the little bicitaxis and rest my weary feet, it was the type of experience you want to touch and feel so walking was the best option. It was made a lot more enjoyable because of the Synxsole orthotics in my shoes. They very accessible orthotics designed by 2 amazing podiatrists who wanted to create an affordable, high-quality industry endorsed product. My feet roll thanks to high arches and I was wearing cute sneakers, rather than proper athletic ones, so the extra support was really needed. Plus, it resulted in a lot less sooking to my travel partner which was appreciated by all.  


Thank You

Thank You products are always in my backpack when I travel. This trip I took the Aloe Vera hand sanitizer (life saver, Cuba is a little grubby!), the sweet orange hand cream for flights and muesli bars for when we explored a little further out of town and needed a boost. I love everything this brand stands for and always pack something from their range on every trip I take.  Thank you Thank You!


Brazen Towel 

When you’re zipping around Cuba with just travel on luggage, there’s no room for a wet bulky towel. But when I got to the north of Cuba, I wanted to look good baking on the beach and needed something to sit on. So I took a Brazen Adventurer towel on this adventure. It barely took up any space in my bag, looked swish on the beach and they are eco-friendly so I get good karma points.

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The weather was exquisite while I was there but being in the heat all day, I had to be drinking loads. You can’t drink the water in Cuba so we needed to buy cheap plastic bottles wherever we went. I kept worrying they would spill in my bag onto my camera so I chucked my Ecococoon Messenger Bottle in my backpack each day and kept filling it up as I went. I also popped in one chalk pen to write notes onto the bottle of where we wanted to visit that day as well as Spanish words we wanted to remember. Cerveza por favour.