Melbourne, what’s your dream?

TEDxMelbourne’s major event for 2015 was The Stuff of Dreams and as a permanent volunteer I had the pleasure of working with the most innovative and inspiring team all year.

I was surprised along the way that I came across people who had never heard of TED. Actually, I was actually thrilled when this happened because I got to be the one to share the secret…TED is all about changing the way you think about the world through inspiring and insightful talks from people who are literally changing the world. So cool right!

This year The Stuff of Dreams was focused on big dreamers, those who are dreaming of a better world/life/Melbourne and those who have dreamt big.

We had the world’s youngest base jumper, a pilot who survived an ‘un-survivable’ situation and we learnt a great deal about the art of bumbling.

On the day, our video crew created more than 25 videos, whoah insane right! We did a before and after chat with each of the 19 speakers who shared with us not only what their talks were about but also their journey on the way to speaking on a TEDxMelbourne stage. Given public speaking is often listed in the top 3 phobias of all time, (mine is bloody spiders, what’s yours?) you can only imagine the nerves and energy running through their veins, and we’re thrilled to have been there to capture that emotion.

We also caught up with the movers and shakers of Melbourne who attended the event to find out what they know and think about TEDxMelbourne, where to get the best coffee and who they think would be fun to Mayor the city for the day (some very interesting responses…).

Make sure you sign up to be the first to know what else is coming out of TEDxMelbourne in 2015 and I promise I’ll share the videos as soon as they’re live.