How do you define an adventure?

What is an adventure? Is it defined by the activities you do here or abroad, is it by the personal growth you achieve or is there another metric that defines an adventure for you. I think adventures are like success, whether it is achieved or not is determined by the way it’s defined. A few years back a dear friend and old teacher of mine invited me to speak to his drama students about the very different ‘media’ path I’ve taken. One eager mind, or was it cheeky, I’m not sure, asked me if I was a big successful person. It stopped me in my tracks because I wasn’t sure. So, I told him something that I didn’t even realise myself before the words escaped my lips – I said to him, that depends on how you define success? If success equals famous, well then no I’m not. If success equals rich, I’m not that either, so again fail. But if you define success that I get to do something I love every day, that excites me and makes me want to leap out of bed even on a Monday, if it’s chasing your dreams with all the highs and lows, and if it’s about knowing I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing, then ding ding ding, by my own definition, I’m successful.

An adventure is the same. How I choose to define this one, now, before I go, is what will determine if I had a successful one when reflecting in days, months, years after I return from it. Now might be a good time to tell you what I’m doing for 3 months away from Melbourne, but you’re not going to like the answer. I’m not sure. That’s the answer. I’m working and playing and creating and exploring, for 3 months. Where? I’m not sure. Again, that’s the answer I warned you that you may not like. I’m starting in NYC and then…I’m not sure.

On The Go_Airport Pics
Before I left, my friend Ben asked me what would be the one single thing I would like to have achieved over the next 3 month. I’m so glad he asked because it helped me come up with an answer – I want to be more focused. Focused on goals, focused on what I want out of life, focused on only accepting roles that are getting me closer to my dream job, focused on meeting the right person to create a life with, focused on staying healthy and happy and focused on revising how my time is spent. Focused.

That’s the overall umbrella but on the flip side, I also want to use this time to flit about and diversify into a few areas I’ve been dying to pursue but lacked the time and space to do it. I want to get back into blogging – tick! I want to write more, create video content, create partnered content, have a presence in the travel blogging space and remind my brain to be creative again. I want to start the process of creating a product I have been talking about for two years. I want to work on an action plan to get more MC work. I want to start a project with a friend that I think will perfectly match both of our skill sets and make a difference in how I approach my career. I want to write a talk I have been dying to put together about how to work with millennials in the workplace. I want to have space to breathe. I want to have some fun, on my terms. I want to play with culture and the world. I want to connect with people. I want to be inspired and inspire others. So, just a few basic things really. But I have up to 3 months to make this happen, so wish me well on my merry way and follow the journey as I am On The Go.


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