The Royal Croquet Club is back and it’s our top recommendation to get your mallet down there for a spot of croquet and a heap of crazy tasty food.

As apposed to so many other events which you go to to watch the fun being had, here you get to jump in and play this posh sport while sipping on your fav spritzer. Fun!

And another huge bonus this year is that they have put down artificial grass so not only will you avoid the dust storm Birrarung Marr is famous for but you get to wear those cute heels to boot. Winning.


After you’ve pranced around in in your heels and you’ve worked up an appetite the next big decision is which of Melbourne’s best eateries will you choose to dine at. Before you whinge about long lines remember that if you had to wait for a table at one of these brilliant eateries and then wait for your food to arrive you’d be waiting a lot longer. Not to mention, they actually weren’t too bad tonight.

Plus, I’ll help you save a bit of decision making time by sharing with you some of my favourite tasty options because tonight On The List was invited to go on a bit of tasting frenzy.

Your RCC menu consists of Gazi, Blue Bonnet BarbecueRUYI, Mamasita, Pidapipo, Tokyo Tina and la marzocco.

Tokyo Tina have you covered whether you’re naughty or nice. Naughty, smash their insane friend chicken burger on brioche with seaweed salt, oh holy hell. Nice, they had the lightest, freshest Kingfish rice paper roll with delicious dipping sauce. Or just go a bit of column A, a bit of column B.

Mamasita‘s corn, in my mind is what dreams are made of. The cheese, the seasoning, the fact that it’s on a stick. Wins every time in my books.

RUYI have a gluten free fried chicken and Gazi a crumbed saganaki with spiced fig sauce (looked like fried fish so it was quite the surprise). Both pretty tasty!

And Blue Bonnet Barbeque offered a dish that sent all the rest of tonight’s bloggers into a flip. It was a waffle with corn and porn kelly and popcorn which one blogger affectionately called Porky, Popcorny, Waffle. Accurate description really.

And to finish off the delicious feast, the awful team from Pidapipo make you have to choose from salted caramel, raspberry meringue and white choc swirl (exclusive to RCC), Nutella or passionfruit ice-creams – so hard to pick just one!!

Big fat yum!

So grab your bestie, and a bevvie, get in line and get ready to feast, you only have until this Sun!

Enjoy the RCC and other great Melbourne events this weekend with On The List Melbourne‘s curated event listing.