After a few very long weekends, it’s time to turn this one hot mess into One Hot Yogi.

I’ve never really been a yoga kinda gal, traditionally I’ve enjoyed my exercise at a grunting pace, but I’ve been curious to see how my body and mind would react to a more ‘considered’ style of working out.

When a friend tapped me on the shoulder and suggested we did the two weeks One Hot Yoga taster, I decided to give it a go finally. I did the trial alongside my regular grunt workouts, and while I struggled through the first few classes, the taster left my curious enough to dive in and fully take on the yogi life (for the next month at least).

The One Hot Yoga and One Hot Pilates studios are designed to enhance your daily ritual by offering a range of classes with different types of instructors. This keeps your practice fresh, interesting and varied. The studios are modern and were the first core body temperature hot yoga studio in the world. I feel safe, inspired and excited to learn from the instructors in the One Hot space.

I’m never one to harp on when it comes to body size and shape, health and feeling good are the priorities for me, but I think a lot of women (and men), including myself, have an idea in their head of their ideal body shape. I would never get out a measuring tape to see how many cm’s have shifted, I’d rather gauge how I feel on my own hotness scale. I am curious to see if yoga can give me a shape I’m more excited to flaunt on my next holiday (which is soon, so chop chop yoga do your thang).

I’m realistic that you can’t move a mountain in a month, but here are some goals I’ve set to start thinking about during my practice.


> Loosen up: I’ve been going to my Osteo a fair bit because apparently, I need to be stretched out (thank you hunched keyboard posture). My hip flexors, glutes and my shoulders are too tight. So, I’d like to loosen up a bit.

<> Improved flexibility: This is something I severely lack. I wouldn’t have a clue what my toes feel like, I’ve never been able to reach them.

> Improved stability: I am going to get a standing pose!

> Clearer/quieter mind: I struggle to switch off for an hour, let’s see if I can start learning this skill.

> Set an intention: I like this idea, they always tell you at the beginning of class to set one and use it as a focus, so I’m going to try and set one every class! And if I get stuck, I know they also set one intention as a studio each week, so I can follow that one.
So, I’m going to mindfully go full steam ahead with one month of only One Hot goodness to see what changes happen to my body and mind. I’ll report back in a month.







Classes have been sponsored by One Hot Yoga for one month.