Beer and summertime are like bread and butter, you can’t have one without the other! And our buddies at Beer Deluxe, Fed Square have been cooking up something special to celebrate this match made in heaven, and it’s a little something they like to call Summer Hop Up!

This event is much more than just a punny name, it’s the only way to spend your humpday this summer! Each Wednesday they’ll be transforming their outside space into a summer wonderland with kegs of local and international craft beers, and some of Melbourne’s most cherished food trucks all in their newly renovated garden area, complete with white picket fences and hanging wall gardens (could you get a better insta-post backdrop?!)

The event is set to run all summer long and is sure to transform the way you beat the Wednesday blues with after work dinks!

Tonight’s launch saw us feasting on massive pans of Paella. This delicious Spanish treat filled even the most grumbling of bellies for just $5 and perfect to munch on while sipping on tasty new beers.

As we arrived, we insisted to taking the short cut straight to the best beer in the house. I was promptly guided to the table hosting the CUB team who offered me a refreshing Lazy Yak. You’ve heard of Fat Yak yeah?! Well this is his lazy cousin. A cousin who has a hint of citrus thanks to the Citra and Nelson Sauvin Hops and can be described as an easy drinking Aussie Pale Ale. Basically, a yummy easy to drink beer that was perfectly refreshing on this balmy Melbourne evening. So cheers Lazy Yak you’re yum, you can stay.

The atmosphere was buzzing (but not too hectic), the Paella was creamy and delicious and the beers were chilled to perfection. Good night and one you can hop down to every Wednesday night in summer from 6pm.

PS: Our pals at Beer Deluxe are very wise, and know just as well as the rest of us that Melbourne’s weather is slightly unpredictable (she says as she laughs into her beer glass) so they’ve prepared for the worst by providing plenty of seating inside. When they say every Wednesday night, they mean EVERY Wednesday night. The show must go on!


If this Wednesday event tipple has only left you thirsty for more, check out some other ways to get your summer fix this weekend!