Who says being an adult means we can’t unleash our inner child every now and then? Certainly not us! And if you’ve got an itch to let loose and have some good old-fashioned play ground fun we’ve got the fix for you… A 300 meter water slide set up in the heart of Melbourne!

Here at the On The list office we’re bursting to bring you all the hot summer events and we’re proud to present you with our first top pick for beating the heat (aside from running through the sprinklers) Slide The City! The massive water slide will take up a whopping three blocks of Lansdowne Street and it’s situated right next to the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens. You’re encouraged to BYO pool toys, so get creative and start stocking up on all the floaties and water-guns you can find!

There will be four different session times throughout the day, 9am – 12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm – 4pm and 4pm – 7pm. They’re pretty particular about sticking to your times (otherwise everyone in Melbourne will be trying to slide together), so make sure you pick the same times as your mates, and matching floaties while you’re at it. ). The day is more than just sliding, there’s a festival atmosphere set up around the slide including local food vendors, great tunes and giveaways.

Hot tip – you’ve gotta grab tickets now to join in on the fun and depending on how eager you are to splash around you can either grab one pass, three passes or an unlimited pass option for all you water babies! Endless fun for all! This is one of those events that have a habit of selling out before the day, so grab them now and don’t miss out.

Special note: The Folks at Slide The City are scoring extra brownie points from us for their initiative to conserve the water they use. At the end of the event all the H2O will be recycled back into the community through reclamation centers, treatment plants and city parks, you go Glenn Coco!

So grab your pals and skip merrily down to Lansdowne Street on the 10th of January for one of the biggest attractions to hit our city for Summer 2016.

You know we love to give you the best scoops on all things funky and Melbourne so make sure you watch this space for more Summer goodness heading your way shortly! But why not live in the now and check out what we’ve served up for this Weekend coming!

Written by Alice Johnson
Alice is currently at university studying PR and has a keen passion for writing. This full time student and part time caramel slice enthusiast is always out and about discovering Melbourne’s coolest restaurants, fashion hot spots and the latest bands on the music scene. She plays on Insty, you can find her here