Ben and Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas are back on the shores of St Kilda beach this summer, and boy do we have a scoop for you! Rumour has it that if you jump in early, you can snag yourself a ticket for just $15! Last year these funky screenings had a pesky tendency of selling out pretty damn quick, so believe us when we say this is one hot deal!


But before you jump in and get your hot little hands on some tix, we’ve taken the liberty of singling out our top picks, and we’ve matched them with a flavour of Ben and Jerry’s that we think should be scoffing down on during the film, just to sweeten the deal!



Film: The Martian

Flavour: Phish food

Why: This flavour is out of this world, and so is Matt Damon *drools*


Film: Grease

Flavour: Cherry Garcia

Why: Because you’ve seen it a thousand times over, but you haven’t seen it outdoors in the sunshine, with a delicious little treat that mimics those super yummy diner sundaes featured throughout the film yet, have you?!


Film: Clueless

Flavour: Brown Sugar Blondie

Why: Uh, duh? Because Clueless is like, one of the best films of like, all time, right? Pay homage to this cult classic with some ice cream that’s just as blonde and sweet as the queen bee herself, Cher.


The beachfront cinema will be up and running from the 29th of November till December 30th, and you can expect to be thoroughly entertained with live music, some cheeky little games on the lawn, a fully stocked bar and light refreshments, and of course, if you’re heading to a Sundae Session that means FREE Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for all the movie goers before your film starts! Seriously can you actually think of a better way to spend a Summer Sunday Arvo?!

Purchase you $15 ticket online within the next ten days!

Looking for something to get up to this weekend? Well we haven’t got any free Ben and Jerry’s, but we have got pinot, pizza, a latin festival and heaps more cool stuff for you to check out!

Written by Alice Johnson
Alice is currently at university studying PR and has a keen passion for writing. This full time student and part time caramel slice enthusiast is always out and about discovering Melbourne’s coolest restaurants, fashion hot spots and the latest bands on the music scene. She plays on Insty, you can find her here