This month On The List are proud to be working together with Dry July to give you some options of things to do in Melbourne that don’t totally revolve around drinking. Gasp horror – don’t worry we hear you. I think you know we love our Gin, Wine, Whiskey, Beer and other fine beverage focused festivals, but this month we’re hunting for drier activities. That’s not to say we’re discouraging you to head to places or events that serve alcohol, it’s about trying not to drink it and still have a brilliant time.


It’s a toughy, we know, but it’s a fabulous way to reset your body, your mind and your conditioning. We all love to pop a bottle at the end of a busy day/week it’s for sure a go to move (guilty!!), so for the month, the challenge is to not do that and instead to find a new kung-fu after work move. Plus, of course, the bigger picture is that it’s all for an important and worthy cause – raising awareness and money for families going through cancer. Big hug if that’s you.


We’re thrilled to providing inspo to our Melb Dry Julyers here and on the Dry July Website.  


Dry July is all about having a crack at going for 31 days without alcohol (or buy a golden ticket if you really need to wet your whistle), do your best and be mindful why you are doing it and if it’s not for you then feel free to jump in and donate HERE. Our goal is Melbourne’s postcode $3000 can we get there together?

We’re by your side with loads of TIPS and ideas of things to do during the month of July.

Good luck Melbs, we’ll be see you on the flip side looking just a bit more bikini ready. Woop!  


Keep checking back here for Dry July Friendly Events!!