Behind the gorgeous smile of Nova 100’s Sarah Maree Cameron is one brave babe who has not only survived cervical cancer but has used the scare to become an ambassador for the cause.

As a good friend of On The List, we know personally the fear that Sarah went through during this period in her life and we love that she is using her voice (the dulcet tones heard daily on Nova 100) to speak to other young women and their families about the seriousness of this disease and the awareness it so badly needs.

She’s hosting the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation’s (ACCF) Cocktail Evening as part of National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week (which doesn’t get as much attention as Sarah would like) on Tuesday November 17.

National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week aims to engage the community and ensure that girls and women Australia wide are aware of how to prevent cervical cancer.

It’s quite frightening to learn that ninety per cent of women who die from cervical cancer have not had their regular Pap tests, showing there is room for improvement in the fight against cervical cancer.

Ladies this is our personal two cents we’re throwing in (and boys sorry but this is the gory truth), getting a pap is uncomfortable, a little embarrassing and a bit gross when you can hear some of the sounds, but ladies this literally could be the thing that saves your life so WHY would you deny yourself the chance to fight this horrible cancer. Just suck it up! But not literally, oh man those instruments…

So let’s pack away the gory details and share with you the bubbly fun expected at Sarah’s event that she’s been planning for months together with her super supportive and charmingly helpful hubby Rav.

Given it’s a cocktail evening at the absolutely gorgeous Ms Collins known for their bevvies, cocktails of course are on the menu. Wash them down with canapés from some of our favourite chefs, and then skip home with your gift bag to boot.

Plus (no promises here) but given Sarah’s a Nova 100 babe, you just never know who might turn up….

The hope is to raise $10,000 on the night for ACCF

So pop on your favourite orange cocktail dress, grab your ticket and come and support this gorgeous friend of ours and the families currently needing extra love and support from ACCF. And grab a selfie with Sarah!

Sarah Maree Cameron, Cervical Cancer Cocktail Event, On The List Melbourne

The ACCF is a non-for-profit organisation aimed at eliminating cervical cancer. Their current projects include raising awareness and education both in Australia and internationally as well as distributing the Gardasil vaccine to girls in developing countries where cervical cancer is the largest cancer killer of women. So far, ACCF has vaccinated over 116,000 girls against cervical cancer (including me!!) and looks forward to continuing their efforts to eliminate cervical cancer.