Legend has it that Count Camillo Negroni asked bartender, Forco Scarselli to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano by subbing in gin for soda water. Scarselli also put his own twist on it by adding an orange peel garnish, and that’s what started the tradition of this hugely popular drink in our favorite city! This Negroni Week you can look forward to Negronis with Southeast Asian twist, Negroni’s with jalapenos, and even Negroni Pizza! The best part is that a percentage of sales go to a chosen charity. So what are you waiting for? Salute!


Bar Nonno
Negroni’s origins trace back to Italy, so it’s only fitting that Bar Nonno has one of the most exciting Negroni concepts! Two words: Negroni Pizzas. You’ve got to eat it to believe it! Traditionalists need not worry. You can still enjoy your favorite classic Negroni. They’ve also got Negroni shots for the uni student in all of us.

This super cool burger joint is offering 5 different Negronis! They’ve got both a classic and smoked Negroni, as well as a couple of fruitier Negronis for the sweet tooths! The Ma Rainy is crafted with a balsamic & fresh strawberry reduction and The Blossom Dearie is a sparkling Negroni with a fresh passionfruit twist. But the Negroni we can’t wait to try is the Flash Bomba! It’s a Southeast Asian inspired cocktail with lime zest, galangal, tamarind, and lemon grass muddled in. So grab your favorite burger, pick a Negroni, and you’re set!

Doc Martin’s @ Collins Quarter
The bartenders at Doc Martin’s have put together four delicious twists of our favorite cocktail. There’s the Spiced Sabre, that’s been spiked with jalapenos. The El Smoko, their smoked Negroni. The Baron House made from Rittenhouse Rye, Campari, and Lillet Rouge. Last but not the least is the Supann Flip that has just a hint of chocolate.

Nieuw Amsterdam
Negroni die-hards this is the masterclass for you! Get to know the crazy but cool history behind the iconic drink, and (most importantly) learn how to craft a Negroni for any meal or time of day. Yes, Negronis are perfectly acceptable before happy hour. Can’t make it? Try their Bulldog Negroni served over a cube of Applewood smoked Lavender Jelly in their restaurant or bar area.

Negroni is made with 3 key ingredients: Campari, Vermouth, & Gin. If you tend to be heavy handed with the gin, you’ve got to check this masterclass out! Award-winning bartender and gin ambassador, Sam Ng, will teach you the ins and outs of gin and how to craft a delicious cocktail. Circa head chef, Rhys Blackley will be serving some yummy canapés.

Step into the Prohibition age in Melbourne’s coolest cocktail bar, and order one of their Negronis. They’ve got two classic Negronis, a white Negroni, and a sparkling Negroni. They’ve also got a Negroni-inspired food menu! Negroni lovers can partake in a four-course interactive Negroni degustation with 50% of ticket sales going to the Cancer Council. Our hot insider tip is that underneath 1806 is it’s younger sibling, The Understudy, a private room with experimental cocktails.

400 Gradi Brunswick
Naples gave the world pizza. Florence gave the world negroni. 400 Gradi is giving Melbourne both. Because who says you can’t have your negroni and drink it too? We all know that the Margarita pizza is a must-try. But, what negroni to pair it with? 400 Gradi boasts a barrel-aged Negroni cocktail, a sparkling Negroni, a classic Negroni, and a Negroni a la Violette.

The Noble Experiment
Get transported to the 1920’s, where bootleggers run amok and cocktails were a gal’s (or guy’s) best friend. Yup, we’re back to the Prohibition era. Sip on a selection of three Negroni variations. There’s the coffee Negroni, a sparkling Negroni, and a vintage bottle-aged Negroni. If you needed any more of a reason to say “bottoms up!”, $2 from each sale is going to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Jungle Boy
Try and find this super cool hidden bar! We dare you. Here’s a not-so-subtle clue: enter a fridge at Boston Sub. It’ll transport you to a whole other world! It’s jungle-themed with flora abound and don’t forget to meet Terence the baboon. What we really love though is that they’ve got Negroni on tap at this Chapel St. bar. It goes amazingly well with the mouthwatering poutine and onion rings from Boston Sub. Delish!

Can you believe this is only our top 9? There’s heaps more to check out here.

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