Can comedy be funny without being semi-offensive? Squeaky Clean Comedy hopes so! For two and a half hours, enjoy this Melbourne International Comedy Festival show with short stand-ups from ten family-friendly comedians starring Michael Connell, Diana Nguyen, Aaron Pratt, Simon Taylor, Angus Gordon, Michael Shafar, John Englezos, Mark Trenwith, Mike Klimczak, and Sarah Jones. With only three shows this season, Squeaky Clean is the show you shouldn’t miss!


I had no idea what to expect walking into Squeaky Clean. I mean, can comics be THAT funny without vulgar jokes? Well, by the end of the show, I was pleasantly surprised!

Michael Connell did an amazing job MC-ing the show and entertaining the crowd with his impressive juggling skills and funny anecdotes about his girlfriend and crazy cat.

As you walk in, you’ll instantly notice a giant rubber duck balloon and a grand piano on stage. Yup, you can expect to see quite a bit of musical performance during the show. Simon Taylor was first up and wowed everyone with his smooth piano stunts and had the audience laughing with his hilarious guide on Aussie dialects.

Kiwi, Aaron Pratt also had everyone cracking up with his hilarious story about his crazy experience moving to Australia and how his frame and Polynesian look gave him the perfect opportunity to start his business as a fake doorman.

Ventriloquist Sarah Jones charmed everyone with her adorable dimwitted puppet dog Hamish and totally stole the show with her second part of the act when she did a magical puppetry lip sync of Beyonce’s Single Ladies (complete with all of Queen B’s dance moves).

Angus Gordon’s awkward self-deprecating jokes told in an exaggerated flat-tone was fresh and John Englezos’s comedic poetry on love was funny, artistic, and beautiful.

There was rarely a dull moment throughout the show, but one comedian just didn’t tickle my funny bone. Diana Nguyen fell short of my expectations, but it might just be your kind of comedy.

The jam-packed line-up gave the audience ten completely different experiences, which is what makes Squeaky Clean Comedy so amazing. It’s a wonderful feel-good evening spent in the company of incredible talents. And for $45 a ticket, it’s a total bang for your buck. This was my first experience at a squeaky clean comedy show, and it definitely won’t be my last!


WHAT: Squeaky Clean Comedy

WHERE: Melbourne City Conference Centre

WHEN: April 7 & 8, 2017

HOW MUCH: from $30



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