Nothing tickles our funny bone more than the prospect of over 500 comedy shows from March 23 to April 17. We know there’s a lot to choose from but we’ve got the must-see list packed with comedic superstars as well as hot up-coming comedians. We’ve also thrown in a few funny surprises.

MICF Favorites
Sammy J & Randy Land
These guys are our number one pick!! One of the funniest and cheekiest comedic duos, Randy is back with his incredibly blunt and charmingly personality and his partner in comedy crime will be entertaining us with his amusing lyrics and hilarious facial expressions. This year they’re on a new theatrical adventure that involves borrowing $3 million dollars and opening a theme park. We can’t wait to see the crazy antics this pair will get up to!

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Wil Anderson – Fire at Wil
We clearly love Wil Anderson in Melbourne he’s won the People’s Choice Award at the MICF five times! Something tells us it’s because of his ability to spin absolutely any topic into a joke that’ll have you bending over laughing. Last year he talked about the pains of getting old, sex, politics, and even the dangers of the ocean. His style is infectiously relatable so we can promise you’ll have a brilliant time with Wil!

Dave Thornton – So On and So Forth
Dave Thornton ‘Thorno’ is a familiar face on the MICF circuit, and a familiar voice in your car/shower/at work as he’s one half of comedic duo “Fifi and Dave” on FOX FM. His sense of humor pokes fun at gender and racial stereotypes (but mostly himself!). Oh, and he’s absolutely wicked with impersonations (Shane Borne, watch out). So be sure to grab your tickets for this guy ASAP! Last year, he performed to sold out shows and we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again this year.

Harley Breen – Smell the Penguins
Harley Breen has been a cheeky addition to the MICF for over a decade! And he’s so good that he’s won awards, entertained Triple M, and had AMC TV Comedy viewers in tears. We bet it has something to do with his openness in discussing topics that would typically divide people but instead brings them together. Throw in a slightly dark and self-deprecating humor and you’ve got a wicked combo. We love you Breen!!

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Young Guns Who We Love!
Tommy Little – Dickhead
Another popular comedian is the renowned Tommy Little. For the past few years, his MICF shows have completely sold out. This year we can’t wait to find out what exactly this self-proclaimed dickhead has been up to. We do know it involves identity theft, less than 24 hours in a health retreat, and who knows what else!! He’s a great impersonator and will have you laughing the entire time. We love this gangster!

Joel Creasey – The Crown Prince
Joel Creasey was already a favorite on the stage and now too with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. He’s the perfect mix of flamboyant, witty, and fabulously confident. If you aren’t sold yet, his track record of sold out shows across the globe is proof enough. You better book your tix now!

Nath Valvo – Tongue in Cheek
Nath Valvo is back on home soil! After performing a season at London’s Soho Theatre, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him back. He’s got a fantastic deadpan humor that while brutal is absolutely hilarious. Add in his amusing impersonations and you’ll be clutching your stomach for days! This year he’s tackling dysfunctional families, gym junkies (you know who you are!), and Tinder. We hope he tells the bit about ATM withdraws!! You can also grab tickets to Festival Buzz to catch him in action as he plays host and gets all the behind the scenes goss about the festival and everything comedy.

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Rosie ‘Bachie Recaps’ Waterland – My Life on the Couch with Vodka
OH MY GLOB! We all have our little guilty pleasures. Ours is Bachie Recaps. Who needs to sit through an hour long episode of heavily edited and scripted tears and drama when you’ve got Mamamia’s Rosie Waterland? She’s got a sarcastic over the top humor mixed in with hilarious bluntness. Rosie’s also been busy with her new book (soon to be movie!) Anti-Cool Girl, it’s a handful if you haven’t read it yet you should! It’s her first show but if it’s anything like her writing, we can’t freakin wait!

A Little Something Different
Josh Earl – Over/Under
Josh Earl is definitely not your typical award-winning comedian. He’s an ex-librarian turned Spicks and Specks, a popular podcast, host. Oh, and he’s at his funniest with his trusty guitar singing his hilarious musical creations. This year, join him as he jokes and sings about being overexposed in undies, having an underwhelming time overseas, and everything else in between. You can also catch this funny man hosting Don’t You Know Who I Am?, a quiz show that’s a chockfull of silliness.

Laura Davis – Marco. Polo.
Laura’s definitely had her fair share of awards. Last year she won both the Golden Gibbo Award at the MICF and the Best Comedy at the Melbourne Fringe. We aren’t terribly surprised, she’s got a self-deprecating humor that borders on hysterical, but she’s also not afraid to poke fun at others. Her shows aren’t just stand-up comedy. They’re an experience. Last year she was a GHOST and you couldn’t see her, this year she’s flipped it and will be wearing a mask, so she can’t see you. Kooky babe!

Aunty Donna
Aunty Donna boasts over 90,000 subscribers and a cool 10.8 million hits on YouTube. They’re a hilarious trio of blokes who know how to have a good time. They love bursting out into some dad dance moves, and aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. They’re incredibly funny with their slapstick style of comedy, whether they’re getting their groove on in booty shorts or hysterically freaking out about wearing the same ties #samsies #sameties. This year’s show has Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons pay bbal against aliens. Knowing these guys, it’s sure to be a ripper! PS: One of them is in all the Coles Down Down ads, can you pick it??

Silent Comedy at the Arbory
Pair your nitrogen espresso martini with some silent comedy at the Arbory with four of Melbourne’s funniest guys (and gal!) aka Jimeoin, Bev Killick, Lawrence Mooney and Adam Rosenbachs to keep you thoroughly entertained. How does it work? Slap on some headphones, and watch and listen to these laughter inducing comedians free from distractions.

Galas & Showcases
They say variety is the spice of life, and it’s especially true for comedy. If you want to sample what MICF has to offer, check out the Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow, Comedy Zone, Festival Club, the Big Fat (30th Birthday) Comedy Quiz, and the Great Debate. Mix it up!!


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