It’s your last chance to catch Space Dance and Arts Centre’s Melbourne Fringe season: ANNEX! Their work is thought-provoking, imaginative and comedic. It’ll make you question everything, from who we really are to who says I can’t be Beyoncé?

Chances are you’ve never seen anything quite like Annex. It’s not a musical, dance show or a play. So what is it? Artistic director, Adam Wheeler shares, “Everyone is trying to pigeonhole dance. They want to know whether it’s hiphop, contemporary or physical theatre. But ultimately, it’s a performance.”

This performance will have you exploring The Space Dance and Arts Centre building as you enter studios via fairy lights (Stranger Things style), climb up stairs to discover a 1950’s apartment and are pointed towards the correct location by creepy masked dancers. Adam notes, “Traditionally shows are performed in theatres. But when we start looking at dance, art and performance in different locations, things start to change and things start to get creative”.

Annex pushes the boundaries of creativity as it draws the audience in and immerses them into a world where they can watch their wildest, weirdest and wackiest dreams come to life. Think hair with cannibalistic tendencies or finally getting to live out that Beyoncé fantasy. They are also asked to pick an instant noodle side. Are you #teambeef or #teamchicken? Plus audience members are invited to share a drink, play the xylophone or join in on a silent disco.

Annex also plunges into the experimental as it tackles concepts like the subconscious, time, interconnectedness, empathy and the facades we put on in everyday life. However, it deals with these issues with a good dose of comedy that’ll have you nervously giggling and then full out chortling. There’s a crocodile, a ketchup bottle, a hamburger & Peter Pan competing in a swimming meet and a fight to the death with an adult baby as commentator. Then there are five guys attempting to do everything in 60 seconds including painting their nails, attempting to squeeze four adults into a tiny cabinet, and cooking instant noodles with a Taylor Swift and Kanye West reference thrown in for good measure. And don’t forget, the ultimate health nut that orders “a piece of vegan-fair-trade-gluten-lactose-yeast-cholesterol-sugar-fat-and-nut-free-high-fiber-low-GI flourless chocolate cake” at brunch.

It does have serious and poignant moments. It tackles the pursuit of dreams, the loss of a loved one and dysfunctional relationships as it explores how we are all connected and the impact we have on each other. It also brings up questions on empathy and what unites us to cross lines and share in another’s reality. Finally, Annex will bring awareness to the facades we wear that strip us of our true selves.

If you’re looking a show that’s unlike any other, offers up some good laughs and will make for great post-drinks conversation, Annex has got you covered. They’re on for two more nights so get in quick!


WHAT: Annex

WHERE: Space Dance and Arts Centre

WHEN: September 24 & 25, 2016

HOW MUCH: from $15



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