We are counting our lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky stars that Australia’s favorite pop princess has opened up her wardrobe for Melbourne to take a peek inside with the FREE Kylie: On Stage exhibition opening today at the Arts Centre. There are costumes from Disco Dreams all the way up to Kiss Me Now, original drawings of her most iconic outfits, and even a Kylie-inspired cocktail! This is one exhibition that will have you Spinnin’ Around.

Before you surround yourself in the Aussie pop princess’s wardrobe collection, head to The Barre to grab a Kylie-inspired cocktail aptly named “For the Lovers”. It’s a vodka based cocktail with Camorra raspberry liquor, raspberry puree and cream that’s topped off with freeze dried raspberries inspired by one of Kylie’s showgirl costumes. Can you guess which one? Hint: It’s pink and glittery.

Kylie: On Stage, On The List Melbourne

There are singers and then there are performers. We all know Kylie is unquestionably the later. She sings, dances and wows the audience typically in high heels and always in a kickass outfit. Margot Anderson, curator of “Kylie: On Stage” says, “You see how much work goes into her projecting her performance, given she’s so small. She uses costumes as a tool – the crystal corset is beautiful to look at but that sparkle can project her into a big venue”.

Even in her earliest years as a singer when she was known for her number of costume changes, Kylie had an innate sense of style. She would work with Australia’s leading designers to create fresh and exciting pieces. In fact, John Galliano has said that part of what makes Kylie so unique and fashion forward is her openness in trying new things and being able to accept the ideas of others.


Since then the performer has collaborated with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Julian Macdonald and Peter Morrissey. Kylie even fulfilled a lifelong dream to work with Karl Lagerfeld on a gorgeous light pink creation for her Showgirl tour. I use the word ‘collaborated’ because unlike many of her pop star counterparts, she is an integral part of the design process. She plays an active role in conceptualisation and design. She even alters her costumes!

More recent shows have seen a mind-boggling seven or eight different costume changes. Margot shares a story of how Kylie would dance across the stage, frantically change from one costume to another and then run under the stage to be lifted back up all while singing an emotional ballad in under 30 seconds. No easy feat.

The costumes are all arguably works of art with intricate beading, over the top headpieces and precise cutouts. Margot doesn’t claim a favourite, but ours is the red dress paired with matching fascinator and heels inspired by the lips on her Kiss Me Now album.

Kylie: On Stage also features a selection of designs, working drawings, photographs and footage that show how her costumes are brought to life and gives us fans insight into the world backstage.

Kylie: On Stage, Ken McKay, On The List Melbourne


WHAT: Kylie: On Stage

WHERE: Arts Centre Melbourne

WHEN: September 21, 2016 – January 22, 2017


MORE EVENT INFO: www.artscentremelbourne.com.au/whats-on/2016/exhibitions/kylie-on-stage


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