The team from The City Lane are quickly becoming the Willy Wonka’s of Melbourne. They were the creators of the sell-out Nutella popup (they hand made every single one of those Nutella treats because they didn’t anticipate how much we love our Nutella and our pop-ups, rookie mistake).

So, our favourite inventors have come up with their next flavour adventure – an Ice-Cream Donut Popup.

The ice-cream donut sandwiches will come in Peanut Butter and Crispy Dark Chocolate, Turkish Delight Cheesecake, and Orange and Cardamom varieties. No Nutella this time round (waaaah!)

Melbourne has an unhealthy (but totally delicious) obsession with ice cream and donuts at the moment, so it’s not far fetched at all Paul Kristoff and his team are bringing these two delights together. I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to be an Instagrammers dream come true. No filter needed.

Each one has been especially designed for the pop-up by Lauren Kristoff, expert creator of The City Lane’s legendary Nutella S’mores.

As if our creator’s aren’t giving us enough of a treat, they have also teamed up with some of our favourite local breweries to match each ice-cream sandwhich with a craft beer.

Temple Brewery’s award winning bears chosen include the New World Order American Stout, the Rye Hard IPA and the Bicycle Summer Ale.

You have 3 full days to build up your appetite from Fri 18th to Sun 20th, 10:30am to 10:30pm. And they advise it’s the perfect reward for a busy day Chrissy shopping.

‘After the overwhelming success of the Nutella popup, we knew we wanted to do something big and we knew we wanted to do it in summer,’ said The City Lane founder and Editor-in-Chief, Paul Kristoff, ‘and when Lauren started creating these ice cream flavours, it all started to fall in place.’

You’ll find them in a newly-created space at The Strand on Driver Lane, just next to H&M in Melbourne’s CBD.

Their Nutella Pop-up sold out pretty darn quickly, so our advise, if you’re mega keen for one of these sweet treats, get in early before it melts away!

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