There is nothing more Melbourne than a secret, hidden bar. So when Schweppes tapped us on the shoulder and whispered that they were opening a shhhhhhecret pop-up bar we (quietly) leapt with joy.

Hidden in the now revealed location of 386 Flinders Lane, Bar Schweppes has brought London (summer, definitely not winter) to Melbourne as part of their Lost in London series.

Decked out with English icons including a red phone booth (sadly no Clark Kent hiding in there) this swank venue is managed by the respected team at Tommy Collins (Hawk and Hunter, Little Ox, The Pop Up Patch).

The matching cocktail menu includes The ‘Ello Guv’nor
(Schweppes Lemonade with Citrus & Cucumber, Pimm’s, mint, strawberries and cucumber) and The Piccadilly Citrus (Schweppes Orange Grapefruit & Bitters, Tanqueray Gin, lime and mint)

The On The List team were lucky little London duckies and were invited to come and sample the Schweppes cocktails after work on a Friday. We felt a little spesh with the very attentive table service and our waiter Nick was a cheeky addition to the night.

My fav on the cocktail list had to be the Tommy Collins if you’re searching for that refreshing splash after a long week this is your drink! The girls absolutely loved Nick’s recommendation of The Angel of Islington.

We filled our bellies on the most unexpected snack. Twice fried chickpeas in butter chicken masala salt. They are surprisingly Moorish.

They also have proper meals (say that with your English accents) including a Ploughman’s Platter, Fish Fingers with mushie peas and Chip Butties!

And to top it all off, there is a fabulous piano in the middle of the bar that gives it the perfect atmosphere.

Time is nearly up to enjoy this fun little Melbourne addition to grab some friends this Thursday, Friday or Saturday and take them shhhhhtraight to London town.

Just don’t forget to book in baby yeah!

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