All day eryday, we go on an adventure darling! 


I’m away for the next 3 months and plan on going on daily adventures, so follow along in my footsteps to get some inspo what to do, eat and see for the next time you’re On The Go.

Disclaimer: I stayed in Chelsea, so a lot of my venturing was in the Chelsea, Flatiron districts. 

Day 15 – Monday, 25 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 14 – Sunday, 24 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 13- Saturday, 23 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 12 – Friday, 22 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 11 – Thursday, 21 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 10 – Wednesday, 20 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 9 – Tuesday, 19 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 8 – Monday, 18 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 7 – Sunday, 17 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 6 – Saturday, 16 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 5 – Friday, 15 June 

This thing and this thing etc 


Day 4 – Thursday, 14 June 

The Opposition – there are so many live shows that require audiences in NYC that all you need to do is sign up and wait. I got tickets to a show called The Opposition with Jordan Klepper which is a “half hour of hot takes under the guise of a somewhat unhinged conservative talk show host”. I was super impressed that before the taping Jordan came out and chatted candidly with the crowd of maybe 80 people for about 15 minutes. He was fun and clearly intelligent, I really enjoyed his style. The show was interesting too. Shame though, I just read that it’s been cancelled as of the 28th of June, so good thing I snuck in. 

Hot Tip: If you want to go to any shows, here is the place to make those dreams comes true 1iota . 

230 Fifth Rooftop – I’ve for sure discovered the #1 rooftop views in NYC (so far!) The view of the Empire State building and the NYC skyline are gorgeous from up here and the sunset is dreamy. The drinks are ok, nothing spesh but it’s not what you’re there for. It gets super crowded so the line to get in is pretty huge, but we totally lucked out we got there about 8pm and walked straight in. It was like bumper cars to get a drink, but it goes pretty quickly. The crowd was ok. A mix of corporates and lots of youngens too. I think it’s a tourist hot spot but totally worth it so who cares.


Day 3 – Wednesday, 13 June 

The Met Museum Rooftop Commission – I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to an industry-only event on The Met Rooftop and wow. The views of Midtown are stunning from up there. It was beautifully catered including cocktails and delicious tuna tartar cones. It was also a chance to see their current commission which is by a Pakistani woman, two interesting pieces that were described as “haunting human figures that hover between abstraction and figuration”. 


Day 2 – Tuesday, 12 June 

Veloce  – For reasons I don’t understand, wine in NYC costs a bomb. It’s way more than cocktails, so I’m guessing this little wine bar in Chelsea makes a mint. I went with a local who said it’s hit and miss with the crowd here. On this occasion, it was a stylish after work crowd. With only one bartender it was hard to get a drink quickly. We sat inside at the bar and sipped a beautiful, dry rosé. They don’t really like to do any cocktails, but you can get a basic one if you want.

Broken Shaker – Brand new bar on the edge of the Flatiron district on the roof of the Freehand Hotel, formally the George Washington Hotel. The lower levels where the main restaurant is looks pretty spesh. It’s stunning. I bolted straight to the roof for a Dirty Martini and some dinner treats. We shared the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich which I thought was a weird choice by my friend but turned out to be a brilliant move. Super tasty. We also had a fresh and tasty prawn dish. It’s really more of a cocktail bar, the food was token. 


Day 1 – Monday, 11 June (MELB and NYC) 

Urban Provodore, Melbourne airport cafe. I coincidentally live next to a cafe of the same name, but this one is heaps tastier. I had a grain salad for breakfast, yes I’m weird, but it gave me great nutrients before the long trip. And it was yum. I did see someone order a champagne at 7:30am and was quietly jealous. 

Momoya – trendy Japanese fusion restaurant in Chelsea. Normally there is a crazy long wait but on a Monday at 9pm we only had to wait about 20 mins. If you can get seated by the open window so you can people watch I recommend it. We had a hectic fusion of a Mexican taco base and Tuna Carpaccio, I had low hopes. It well exceeded them. We had high hopes for the crispy rice sushi (apparently a common item on menus here), it was ok. The miso eggplant was yum too.




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