Calling all gelato-lovers! Gelato Fiasco has arrived in Melbourne and made itself at home in good ol’ Fitzroy. They’ve brought along four unique and new flavors and on the launch night, we taste tested the lot to save you the calories of course and to get the scoop on the must-try flavour!!

It took a year to finally get Gelato Fiasco to the Land Down Under! And what better and more Melbournian way to open than with a pop-up? For the next six weeks, from Thursdays to Sundays, you can get your sugar fix from their aptly named Log Cabin which has popped up in Fitzroy.

It’s a cozy and intimate space with log walls, antlers and an eternally autumnal tree that extends all the way out of the store. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s a hipster’s paradise, but let’s be real, this is heaven for anyone who loves dessert.

Nabbing the top bill is Log Cabin’s namesake flavour, a chocolate gelato with a touch of whisky syrup and Sriracha flake coated almonds. It’s served with almond and chilli chocolate bark and a fresh hot chilli, so be sure you can handle your spice!

The Big County Brownie has been tipped to be the Melbourne’s favourite. It’s a mint-flavoured gelato topped with brownie pieces and chocolate sauce. Classic! It’s an easy sell! But another serious contender is the Maine Munchies, a peanut butter gelato with salted choc pretzels. Sign me up.

Our personal favourite was Wake N’ Bacon, a pancake flavoured gelato with maple syrup and bacon flavoured candies. It’s then stacked with maple candied bacon rashers and caramel bacon popcorn to create the most delicious gelato (just don’t tell your gym membership about it!).

As if the flavours aren’t convincing enough, they all come on a super cool black gelato cone! Be sure to get in quick, Gelato Fiasco’s Log Cabin will be closing up shop on September 11. On the unlucky chance you miss out, you can still score a cheeky pint in your local 7/11.

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