Matt Stewart “Pretty Dry” + Nick Capper “Chrome Doggie” Comedy Festival Encore Performance


RAW Comedy winner Matt Stewart’s debut solo show Pretty Dry, and NSW comedian Nick Capper’s weird and wonderful Chrome Doggie will hit Brunswick’s Little Mess Saturday 19 August.

Stewart’s Pretty Dry enjoyed a fantastic sold-out run at this year’s MICF, with a show described as “the culmination of a 7-year journey writing, directing, and performing comedy. …Stewart’s got disgustingly good timing and a mighty, warm on-stage presence. One of those rare shows that’ll suck you in from the opening line and spit you back out 50 minutes later utterly breathless.”

Nick Capper’s show Chrome Doggie took audiences on an altogether different ride. The comedian’s comedian, Capper has earned praise from comedy heavy weights and was considered a real hidden gem of this year’s comedy festival.

  • 6.30PM - 8.45PM
  • $25 for both shows or $15 for individual shows
  • Little Mess, 408 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC 3053

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