You Look Like Your Father

fri - sun

Based on a true story; an honest, raw and unapologetically relatable tale of fatherhood.

Bouncing back and forth over three decades, this new play follows two generations of the same family line, as all involved face the challenges and exhilaration that parenthood brings. Breaking away from the magical view that Hollywood portrays of having children, these two entwined stories do not hold back at the hardships, internal struggles, relationship strains, and demons that this big life change can have.

Whilst big softie Zac has been unhealthily obsessed with not becoming his father, the self-assured George does not hesitate in speeding towards his own dad’s mistakes each day. But with both of them now facing the reality that fatherhood could be around the corner for them, the scars their childhood left with them are torn wide open.

From the mind of prolific British playwright Kieran Gould-Dowen, this story is scarily familiar to all.

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