Happy Go Grebby – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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The Happiest Show of the Festival!

Yewww! Ash “Big Grebby” Greblo returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his debut solo show and the happiest show of the festival ‘Happy Go Grebby!’

Last year Ash Greblo landed on the line up of a comedy night that wasn’t going well, every act before him was sad, and the audience even sadder. To save the night Ash took to the stage with the happiest jokes he had and turned it into 10 hilarious happy minutes for all. Once off stage, it was clear that if there was one thing this new comedy festival show would be, as well as funny, it was happy.

The only way this show can make you sad is if you hate watching hilarious, well-crafted jokes!

Ash has been busy performing almost every night of the week, in some of the most prestigious comedy rooms in Australia. Now, after selling out split shows in the last three Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, it’s time for his first solo hour. Get ready for a show packed to the brim with jokes about relationships, heroes, fish and most importantly what happens when you say yes to life.

Don’t miss Ash Greblo with the positive spin the world needs right now!

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