Full Metal Jacket and other Impractical Fashions

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The Never Ending Story did end. No actual “Wolf” on Wall Street. Not even a small metallic-looking coat in Full Metal Jacket. Why don’t we keep our promises? This as well as other important questions will not be answered – nor asked – in the premier of Willem Richards’s new off-the-wall one man sketch show Full Metal Jacket and other impractical fashions at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival.

After his 4-star show in last year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival, Richards unveils an array of larger than life characters fused with his own unique brand of charming silliness. You will see a Doctor who refuses to diagnose his patients unless they are undressed – completely. A Clown who is so completely dead inside he will go to any length to feel something – anything. And an Employee who is being held back from excelling at work due to a very full tea cup – extreme word.

Before you come see Full Metal Jacket and other impractical fashions, go through your closet and wear your most ridiculous jacket to the show. Because laugther of the credulous kind is expected. WIN TIX HERE

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