Consistency Is Key: A Story of Redemption

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Morgan has consistently come second her whole life, especially in her calisthenics career. With the help of her new coach, Morgan is coming out of retirement one last time to ace the ‘Cali-criteria’ and finally win that career defining glass trophy!

Will consistency be the key to success? Or will a risk be the final piece to completing the formula?

Morgan entered the world of Calisthenics at the ripe age of 5 and competed hard and consistently came Second until she was 18. Competing in over 150 Competitions, you can only come second so many times. You see the world of Calisthenics is one of Perfection, Performance and Pizazz! And to have a winning routine one must follow a specific criteria. So Morgan is coming out to find the formula for the Perfect Routine.

Featuring an array of Music from Pop to Musical Theatre, Consistency is Key is a journey of experimentation on what makes the perfect ‘Cali Routine’ Do you need to Dream a Dream or look Somewhere Over The Rainbow? Perhaps you need to Defy Gravity!

  • 7.00-8.00pm
  • $26 - $35
  • The Butterfly Club - 5 Carson Place, Melbourne

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