The Butterfly Club Turns 20!


First things first: this event is not at The Butterfly Club. Despite our 20 years, we are too small to put on something like this in our theatre. So instead we are at Max Watt’s, a wonderful (and considerably larger) venue on Swanston Street just around the corner from the Club.

There are two types of ticket available. The “Show” ticket gets you into Max Watt’s for the performance at 7pm, the “Show + After Party” ticket gets you into both the show at Max Watt’s and the after-party at The Butterfly Club.

The show part is a 90-min variety gala where doors open at 7pm and you better be seated holding tight onto your drink for a 7:30pm start and a 9pm(ish) finish. Seating is general admission only, so do rock up at 7pm for your best chance of claiming your favourite seat.

Hosted by the incomparable Tash York and featuring guests including Gillian Cosgriff, Simon Taylor, Tina Del Twist, Trevor Jones, Jude Perl, Anna Piper Scott, Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon, Clara Cupcakes, Patrick Collins, and a skinny man in the shape of Sammy J if he makes it on time (he is an absolute legend and will be rushing in from another gig, let’s see what the gods of traffic have to say about that), this is a showcase of artists who represent all that’s great about the Club.

Needless to say, we are all sophisticated people who understand the lineup is subject to change.

For those of you who score a “Show + After Party” ticket, when the show at Max Watt’s is done you’ll come around the corner to The Butterfly Club for the kind of party you really shouldn’t have on a Monday night, but will, because sometimes it’s fun to make terrible decisions as an adult.

Join us in celebrating 20 wonderful years.

  • 7.00pm - 9.00pm
  • $50 show only OR $70 with After Party Tickets!
  • Max Watt's Melbourne, 125 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000

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