Bombastic JOE: Did You Just Call Us “Big Jerks”?

fri - sun

The Bombastic JOE trio are back for their third Melbourne International Comedy Festival, ready to get their greasy mitts on yet another set of unwary audiences. Still raring off the back of a successful 2019 MICF; Jon, Oli, and Ed have locked heads to produce yet another high-energy, imaginative and invariably thought-provoking adventure that return-audiences have come to love. Jon, Oli, and Ed return as their familiarly flawed, but loveable stage personalities, as they enthusiastically trip over one another to do their very best at guiding the audience seamlessly from scene to scene.
Did You Just Call Us “Big Jerks”? sees an even deeper exploration into Jon, Oli and Ed’s psyches, as we watch them flustered and floundering under the overwhelming pressure of untangling their inner demons, while simultaneously hosting a comedy sketch show. This year, the JOE boys are striving even further from the conventional, employing their trademark absurdist sketch comedy to break down fourth wall after wall, forever pulling the audience deeper and deeper into the meta world that Bombastic JOE’s creativity calls home.
This show is perfect for high energy, fun-loving audiences looking for a genre-defying adventure that will see them laughing until they cry or crying until they laugh. Bombastic JOE welcomes adventurous new-comers, comedy veterans and returning fans, willing to open their minds to a wonderfully conceived, sharply written and energetically performed sketch show.

  • 7:15pm - 8:05pm
  • Concession: $17, Adult: $20
  • Campari House, 23-25 Hardware Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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