Blue Sheilas: The One That Got Away

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After sell-out runs of their individual solo shows at the 2019 Comedy Festival (Fiannah de Rue’s unforgettable portrayal of tragic Carlton fans in Here Come the Blues, and Reeni Inosha’s stellar debut, Enlighten Me A Little – with extra shows added), de Rue and Inosha join forces to bring their hard-hitting sketch sensibilities in a dynamic, compelling performance.

It’s an ordinary story: hardened female detectives retire at the age of 60. Or, if you want to be strictly accurate, detectives Kel and Din enjoy just five years of retirement before having to re-enter the force to catch serial criminals and brothers, Cooney and Colby. The one obstacle getting in the way? Champagne Beach, Vanuatu.

Blue Sheilas: The One That Got Away is part prima ballerina, part Coon Cheese Factory, all life after the force. In this richly layered show, comedy duo Reeni Inosha and Fiannah de Rue unpack the hardships of friendship and the extreme lengths we’ll go to to save a relationship and solve crime.

In a dynamic and compelling performance, Inosha and de Rue present a brilliant lineup of life experiences, where viewers are taken on a journey they never thought they’d want to take of observing the truly unique lives of detectives and criminals.

It’s easy to see why the comedy duo are predicted to receive critical acclaim. Inosha and de Rue’s character work is second-to-none and, following well-received, sellout runs of their brilliant solo MICF shows in 2019, the comedians have joined forces to bring their signature storytelling, highly imaginative writing, and hard-hitting sketch sensibilities to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2020.

“This production is a combination of physical comedy and lightning fast scene and character changes. This is a clever and spontaneous show where every line of dialogue is purposeful and designed to set up the next chapter of the story,” says Inosha.

Blue Sheilas: The One That Got Away is a 50-minute comedy show held from March 24th to April 5th at Tasma Terrace. Bookings are highly recommended.

  • 7:15pm
  • Adult: $25.00 Concession: $22.00 Group (6+): $20.00
  • Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Place, East Melbourne VIC

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