There are some interesting characters that come out to play during during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival including US-based performer, Deanna Fleysher who graces the MICF scene as the award winning Butt Kapinski; private eye on the hunt for a class audience to join her as she aims to create a film noir murder mystery.


Picture this, an intimately gathered crowd immersed in darkness broken by a solitary streetlamp strapped to Butt Kapinski that illuminates her captivating face as she makes her debut as private eye on a journey to create a film noir murder mystery.

When she says ‘no seat is safe’ she means it. This is definitely not a solo performance by Butt, rather, think wet-your-self-laughing comedy mixed with full on audience interaction. Just because you’ve sat in the back row don’t think that she won’t involve you, she will find you and she will make you a star in her film noir, that you can count on!

Moving freely amongst the crowd, Butt takes audience engagement to another level without being forceful or abrasive. Attendees become directors of sound, main characters – abusive husbands, Jewish landlords and sinful priests – and more. At one point or another, just like every other audience member, whether you’re a budding actor or shy to the bone, you will have that solitary streetlamp light up your face as your turn to star in the show ensues.

There are scarce moments where the audience isn’t experiencing wild laughter. Whether it’s the topics she uses such as sex and racism, or the clever notion of switching her audiences gender, even the way she moves her streetlamp will have you giggling. Let’s not forget that voice either, over-exaggerated lisps as she switches her l’s and r’s to w’s, prepare to cop some spray occasionally. Arguably, much of the humour is due to the non-scripted audience participation as well, involvement that even had Butt giggling under her breath.

Prepare to be captivated as she mixes scripted raunchy comedy with improvisation, before shocking us all with a surprising, yet very exposing ending, leaving us wanting more.

She is alluring, suspenseful and will have you laughing in your seat non-stop for the hour. If there is only one show you see this festival season, let Butt Kapinski be the one.

You’ll find her performing at The Tuxedo Cat during MICF until the 17th of April, if she sounds like a show you’d be interested in head here to find out more info on how you can get tickets!

NOTE: this is definitely a 18+ event, so don’t take your little ones along with you.


Written By : CARTIER
Cartier is an undergrad at Monash University completing her Bachelor of Journalism. Having lived in four countries growing up she has developed a connection with travelling so in her spare time you’ll find her researching her next travel destination to write about on her travel blog. She recently became a qualified personal trainer so when she’s not out exploring you’ll find her in gym gear somewhere. You can follow her adventures on her Instagram.