The Small Business Festival is back in Melbourne this month with over 400 free or low-cost events -perfect for the budding entrepreneur! We know everyone is super obsessed with everything digital (did you say Snapchat, Insty, Facey, Twitter, Stories….) so, this weekend in Melbourne why not hit up some of these events to help our On The Listy future tycoons rock in the digital world!

Straight up, you need to understand digital in your business. This is the place to start:

>>> Create your digital success story, Is your business digitally ready?

Once you’ve figured out how to go digital, you’ll need a great plan. Don’t be part of the 20% of small businesses who don’t track anything. If you want to know how to track your campaigns and improve your engagement then this is the one we thing is best:

>>> Develop your online strategy workshop

I think we’ve at the very least all heard the term, but what in the world does it mean to me and how in the world do I put it into place? Really good question. It’s probably time to get a crash course on all things SEO!

>>> Get found with Google SEO

We know most of you entrepreneurial babes and bros spend half your day on social but are you doing the best you can in a business sense in this world? Or just perving on clothes and holiday’s you wish you were on?  We’ve selected the classes that will push your business further with strategy workshops, incorporating video to social media and discovering the hottest social and digital marketing tips and tricks. Obvs we love the video stuff but if you’re keen too have a browse at the events listed below.

>>> Social media: marketing strategies for small business, Planning your social media marketing, Attract new customers with social media, Top social and digital marketing tips,   Instagram workshop

And that’s a wrap! There is always so much to learn in this space, so we hope some of these Melbourne small business events help you along. Plus they are great for networking with others in the small business world! Make sure you check out their website for loads of other digital events too. And, if you aren’t a small business owner, but know someone who is, flick them this article. They’ll tweet you a thanks no doubt!

Looking for something else to do in Melbourne this weekend? Here’s everything that made it On The List.

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