“Guys, I just walked here eating a hot dog – and didn’t spill any on myself.”

With that, Daisy Berry opens her Tuesday night show in the most relatable – and absolutely least intimidating – way possible.

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Tearing through stigmas surrounding mental health (and, well, general weirdness), in this debut solo show she invites you to sit back and relax as YOU be the judge – literally, by the end of the show she wants you to submit a simple survey telling her whether she’s “fucked” or not.

Now jumping into her second week at the Comedy Fest, Daisy continues to keep it fresh: whether it’s ad-libbing off an audience comment, or offering a quick (hilariously honest) recap of the show to latecomers, her act will have you feeling comfortable from the get-go.

Despite rookie status, she handles herself like a pro – you won’t even notice that you’re experiencing what is probably a well-rehearsed bit. The daunting concept of audience participation manifests itself as witty banter among friends, and Daisy expertly weaves in some actual education – in the form of tongue-in-cheek insight on life as a lesbian and as a woman in general.

She’s all you could wish for from the fresh-faced, new generation of local comedians. You want to be able to say, “I watched her debut, man.”

Oh, and as for the survey results?

“Fucked: She’s so fucked that it’s awesome and I want to be like her.”

“Stable: But for us to think you’re stable probably means we’re fucked. Great show.”

The third vote determines the overall diagnosis… so, is Daisy Berry mental? We’ll let you attend a show to find out.

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Catch Daisy as she closes out the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this week! You’ll find her at Highlander Bar (on Highlander Lane) from 8:30pm, every night until Saturday.

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