So, the good folks at Arbory Bar and Eatery have sat around pondering what they could possibly do to outdo all of their previous events, and create the ultimate party, and we are very excited to inform you they may have just been successful!

If you’ve never been to Palm Springs but wondered what all the fuss is about then this is your chance. Us Melbourne chicks finally have the chance to give California girls a run for their money (seriously Katy Perry, as if we’re not worth singing about!) with the ultimate chill-out beach vibe setting of a pop up FLOATING BAR!

Arbory’s very own pontoon, Arboy Afloat, will be rocking about in the Yarra for just two weeks of ultimate vibey goodness. Once on board you will be enjoy the tunes of Melb legends Chico G & Paul Jager, whilst lounging about amongst the groovy nautical and 70’s Hamptons-esque style décor, and sealing the deal with the gorgeous views of our city’s skyline. But of course, it isn’t called Arbory Bar and EATERY for no reason, and it wouldn’t it be crazy if you were soaking up the sun on the water without the freshest seafood going?! These cool kids will be serving some seriously delish dishes including a fancy schmancy char grilled menu! We heart prawn skewers!

Now it is all very exciting, we know. But before you jump up and sprint towards your party destiny, here are our three top tips for Arboy Afloat.

1). Take sunscreen!

If you plan on getting your drank on during the day, make sure you remember to slip slop slap, especially if its cloudy! SPF 30+ all the way baby!

2). Hit the Pontoon at sunset.

Insta sunrise photo op is out of control, that view! #nofilter

3). Bring your biggest smile, best attitude, and freest spirit!

It’s not everyday you get the chance to experience something like this!

Arbory Afloat will run (or rather, stay sway slightly in the breeze) from this Tuesday October 27, to Sunday November 8 from 11am til late every day.

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Written by Alice Johnson
Alice is currently at university studying PR and has a keen passion for writing. This full time student and part time caramel slice enthusiast is always out and about discovering Melbourne’s coolest restaurants, fashion hot spots and the latest bands on the music scene. She plays on Insty, you can find her here