Guttentag On The Lister’s!

There’s a few things that we get excited about when October swings around each year… a fresh new season, spring weather, nature showing off in all its glory, and of course, the one event of the year where we are actively encouraged to consume all of the beer, pretzels and sausagey goodness this world has to offer us, Oktoberfest!

We’re sure you’ve got your lederhosens and drindls washed, ironed and ready, and your steins in your hands ready to be overflowed, so now we’re going to tell you where to head to get down and jiggy like a German!

Our mates across the road from the OTL headquarters, Beer Deluxe are completely transforming into a traditional German Beer Hall. They kick off on the 16th at the city venue and then follow on the 17th at their Hawthorn location. Expect a German Beer Tap take over – featuring beers that Melburnains will have rarely seen before, German culinary delights such as bratwurst, sauerkraut, and giant pretzels with german style whipped butter and the staff in those super cute German outfits

If you’re a little more into the celebration of the nation and keen to check out a preview of what a real life German Oktoberfest looks like, we suggest you take a gander at The Village on Friday the 16th of October, where Ormand Hall will be completely transformed into a Bavarian Bier Hall! Not to mention The Village cart will be stocked, locked and loaded with delicious traditional German food, plus you’ll be rocking out to an Oompah band! (we’re not entirely sure what that means either, but fun words mean fun times right?!)

One Oktoberfest event we are crazy keen for is Oktoberfest In The Garden who are gearing up to go for the fifth year running. We’re talking an all out traditional German experience with the lot. Skip merrily down to Birrarung Marr Park on the 23rd and the 24th of October to join the party, complete with sideshow alley, live performances and a silent disco!

Also on our to-do-list for Melbourne’s German takeover is Hophaus, and if you’ve already seen the video of the running of the wieners (no, we’re still not over the cuteness) than you already know that these guys know how to have fun, with a bit of a twist! These guys serve up tasty beer and German delights all year round and this month is no exception! A must see for an insight into German culture and ultimately just for a great night, or even a Sunday arvo!

Finally, even though it’s not a weekend event we’d be crazy not to tell you about the happenings at Munich Brahaus! They’re hosting Oktoberfest Olympics each Monday night, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a professional pretzel eater, blind folded Bier taster or highly skilled beer pong player, you best get yourself a team and register online to compete!

So there you have it damen und herren (thank you, Google translate), your official guide on where to hit the kegs and salty treats this Oktober, Happy Beer month!

Not to worry if beer isn’t your thing, we have loads more options for you to get up to this weekend in Melbourne.

Written by Alice Johnson
Alice is currently at university studying PR and has a keen passion for writing. This full time student and part time caramel slice enthusiast is always out and about discovering Melbourne’s coolest restaurants, fashion hot spots and the latest bands on the music scene. She plays on Insty, you can find her here