At On The List, we’re keen as a bean for twenty seventeen because it means a new year, new you and new events that are a summer must. With most of us back at work by now, we know you need a list of ways to make the summer break feel like it’s still going!!

Yarra Street Food Festival
Date: 12th of Jan – 26th of Feb
Time: 12PM – 9:30PM
Location: Burnley Circus Park
Price: Free Entry

Some days it almost feels hot enough to actually jump into the Yarra (please don’t!), instead check out the Yarra Street Food Festival. Melbourne’s crème da la crème of cooks are all making a big splash this summer. Whether you want a nibble with a bevvie or an all out beast of a feast, the platter of tasty food trucks will have you covered.


Air Play
Date: 19th – 22nd of Jan
Time: Evening performances start at 6
Location: Arts Centre
Price: Tickets starting at $27

Weekend plans up in the air? Then Air Play is perfect for you. Fly up into the clouds with this unique and bubbly journey of two siblings who go on an adventure where you wonder if they’ll ever touch the ground again. This feathered fun and out of the world performance will take you past the sky, and right into their hearts.


Ice Cream Festival
Date: 20th – 22nd of Jan
Time: 5PM – 10PM, 12PM – 10 PM (Weekends)
Location: The Food Truck Park Preston
Price: Free Entry

Our friends over at the Food Truck Park are back at it again with an icy cold, icy pole treat at theIce Cream food truck festival!  Melbourne’s sweetest movers, shakers and ice cream makers have sled right into Preston and right into our mouths for a weekend of dairy needs. What better to cool off for summer than an ice cream day dream.


Sex and the City Party
Date: 21st of Jan
Time: 10PM
Location: Supersmall Club
Price: Free Entry

I couldn’t help but wonder… is it a party worth going to if it isn’t Sex and the City themed? Make your year bigger than Big with this New York night out at Supersmall in South Yarra. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Miranda in the streets or a Samantha in the sheets – as long as you get Carried away. So grab your Milano’s, clink your Cosmo’s and see where the party goes.


Sunset Sounds
Date: 22nd of Jan
Time: 6PM
Location: Victoria Gardens
Price: Free

Watching the sunset sounds pretty good when you’re at Sunset Sounds. Tune out the rest of the world with the provided tunes with radio hits to live performances from local artists. And if you’ve got a spring in your step, tap right into the dance workshops to boogie your way into the night.


Dachshund Parade
Date: 26th of Australia
Time: 12PM
Location: National Gallery of Victoria
Price: Free

The dog days are over with this Dachshund parade – their bark is just as cute as their bite. These puppies are going to be strutting their stuff on Australia Day because there is no better way to celebrate a national holiday. While you’re there, stop through the NGV for other holiday activities.


Chinese New Year Festival
Date: 1st of Feb
Time: 11AM – 10PM
Location: Around Melbourne
Price: Free Entry

They say it isn’t over till the fat lady sings – we say it isn’t the new year until China says so. It’s the year of the rooster which means we will be clucking in 2017 with the Chinese New Year Festival. Nibble on the best eats from the Easts as you say good bye to the old year and hello to the new you.


Looking for something else to do in Melbourne this weekend? Here’s everything that made it On The List.


Written By:

Trung Le is a screenwriting student at the Victorian College of the Arts. If he is not watching Sex and the City, then he is eating at the Elizabeth Street Schnitz. Follow his instagram if you love yourself.