From sunset to sunrise Melburnians (and visitors) will flood the city this Saturday night. White Night kicks off at 7pm and will transform the city into a big, shiny disco ball with Melbourne’s laneways a d-floor of light shows, performances, music and food.  With over events/activities to check out this year don’t get caught in the crowd, follow our top 5 spectacles guide and get the most glow out of your White Night.


1. Axiom – 7.00pm – 7.00amAlexandra Gardens – Engineers Lawn
Axiom is a perfect illusion of light, made up of more than 700,000 LEDs. Designed by Melbourne based artist Kit Walker, Amoxia explores the transition between form and illusion, through a network of symmetrically aligned archways. The breathtaking structure will leave you captivated in awe.

Axiom, White Night, On The List Melbourne

2. Purple Rain – 7.00pm – 7.00am, Little Lonsdale Street (east)
TBH, we only want to see you laughing in the purple rain. French artist Pierre Ardouvin is back with his stunning sensory experience, Purple Rain. The installation is an audio- visual experience that incites you to wonder through a melancholy purple shower, while gazing through a transparent umbrella.   

Purple rain

3. The World- Live – 00pm – 7.00am, Birrarung Marr – Lower Terrace
Bollywood, African, Mambo, Colombian, Mexican… Take your pick. The world – live embraces musical culture from around the world and serves it to you on a platter of diversity, right here in Melbourne. It’s the perfect combination of music, dance and colour, for everyone to enjoy as one.

TheWorldLiveCROP, White Night, On The List Melbourne

4. Unplugged – 7.00pm – 7.00am, MPavilion
Can everyone just chillax? Unplugged is a 12-hour intimate performance, live and unplugged. The set features an eclectic mix of music, song writing and thought provoking performances. In a crowd of 600,000, this is definitely where you will find us catching some Zen.

Unplugged, White Night, On The List Melbourne

5. Sonic Light Bubble – 00pm – 7.00am, Carlton Gardens
If you (like us) thought nothing could be more entertaining than bubble wrap… think again. Sonic Light Bubble is a living breathing bubble, dotted with shining LED spots. This therapeutic experience will have you mesmerised, as it responds to your touch with soothing sound and multi-coloured, 360-degree visual delights.

SonicLightBubble, White Night, On The List Melbourne

With no shortage of cultural activities, there is certainly something to give everyone a bit of disco fever. Check out the program here for further highlights and announcements, and get your glow on this Saturday night.

Looking for something else to do in Melbourne this weekend? Here’s everything that made it On The List.

Part of this content was created in support of the City of Melbourne Summer Campaign. 


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